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Welcome to the Web Side Café. Dedicated to broadening the knowledge base of all astro-computer users, we introduce you to subjects that can enhance and enrich the study of astrology. Some of these subjects include astronomy, mythology, history, information technology, computer tools, web users hazards and liabilities, and just plain fun.

Keep in mind that URLs are not immortal. All the following addresses have been checked out by the author, but cannot be guaranteed to answer their summons to your computer beyond the day of publication. We invite you to sit down with a steaming cup of Java or herb tea and explore the following sites. Enjoy!

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The Ultimate 9/11 Site to honor
those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks in
New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC.

This special flash presentation takes a long time to load, but is worth the wait. (It is 7 MB in size) Courtesy of Una Chiodini



Here is some info about our country and its political system. Do look at these charts.

Fact: The independence of the United States of America was ratified by all States when the First Constitutional Convention adjourned at 4:00PM on September 17, 1787 in Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA. (Source: Campion database #377) This date is celebrated as "Constitution Day", or "Citizens Day."


A Timely Historic Event

"The convention [first] met at Annapolis, [MD] with delegates from five U.S. States, on September 11, 1786. The representation was so partial that no action was taken, other than to urge the appointment of commissioners from all the States, to meet in Philadelphia, on the second Monday of the next May, to consider such measures as were necessary' to adapt the Federal Constitution to the exigencies of the Union." Excerpt from Volume II of "The Great Republic by the Master Historians", edited by Hubert H. Bancroft in the early 1900s.

Present, were "Alexander Hamilton and Egbert Benson of New York; Abraham Clark, William C. Houston, and James Schuarman of New Jersey; Tench Coxe, of Pennsylvania; George Read, John Dickinson" (Chairman), "Richard Bassett of Delaware; and Edmund Randolph, James Madison, Jr., and Saint George Tucker of Virginia"


Parties that offered presidential candidates in 2000

Some of the following websites offer current political perspectives
from the women’s side of politics (listed alphabetically):


Constitution Party

Sorry, I couldn’t find any specific women’s issues in this party, but they offer links to other Constitution Party sites.


National Federation of Democratic Women

Go to this site to find out their goals and issues for current elections, and for links to other Democratic web sites.


The Green Party and International Women’s Day

Visit this site to learn the goals and issues for current elections, and for links to other Green Party sites.


Women’s Liberty League – Libertarian Party

Visit this site to find out the Libertarian candidates for current elections, and for links to other Libertarian web sites.


Reform Party

Sorry, I couldn’t find any specific women’s issues in this party, however they offer links to other Reform Party sites.


National Federation of Republican Women

Visit this site to find out their goals and issues for current elections, and for links to other Republican web sites.






NASA Science News for August 13, 2002 tells us that scattered around our planet are hundreds of creatures that have been to the Moon and back again. None of them are human. They outnumber active astronauts 3:1. And most are missing.


Cranbrook Institute of Science Sky Info and Star Charts

Download your very own Cranbrook Star Chart and Constellation Finder.


A free planisphere - you can set it to display the stars
at any time of the night, on any date, year round.







The Global Positioning System Satellites

This address will take you to the GPS public calendar.

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Civil GPS Service has designated NOAA to be the federal agency responsible for providing accurate and timely Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite ephemerides ("orbits") to the general public. The GPS precise orbits are derived using 24-hour data segments from the global GPS network coordinated by the International Geodynamics GPS Service (IGS).





Mary Landesman’s "ABOUT"

Sign up for a free subscription for the latest news in computer viruses and their dangers. The site is loaded with information on such items as Hoaxes, Internet security resources, software review, and a complete glossary of viruses.



The Internet is full of problems and irritations that we need to learn to deal with by ourselves. At this time, there is no "government service" that will remedy the situation. If we demand that government "do something" about SPAM, then the only way they can control it is to control the Internet. Such a service would NOT be FREE, as all government services not only charge us money (taxes, fees, etc.), but institute rules and regulations, which only law-abiding citizens obey! (End of soapbox) You can recognize these emails by their frequent use of improper grammar, misspelled words and typos. Honest! The following are from REAL emails.


1. Emails that ask for your expert help: Some are soulful letters from foreign sources that ask for your advice about their finances, offering to share the wealth with you. There is a huge variety:

"Dear ______,

I know that this proposal letter might be a surprise to you but do consider it as an emergency.

In a nutshell, my name is (MR ONYE ASHI), from the republic of SIERRA-LEONE in west Africa, now seeking for refuge in DAKAR-SENEGAL a neighboring country under the UNITED NATION'S(UNHCR).

And to make you less curious, i got your contact from a high reputable chamber of commerce and industry here in DAKAR for a possible transaction.

My(late) father (MR COLEMAN ASHI) was the managing director of COLEMAN GOLD AND DIAMOND MINING COMPANY IN (FREETOWN) SIERRA-LEONE. But he was killed during the ongoing civil war and all our properties was totally destroyed.

However, i and my mother with two of my sisters managed to escape with my father's vital documents of precious stones (DIAMONDS 3KG)…" (Note: this one even gave a NY phone number)


2. Emails that offer "Free" products or services if you will only claim them:

"OnlinePsychic(or other .coms) is also giving away $500 to random clients! For a limited time when you get any reading you are automatically eligible to win $500 in cash!

Visit us today and see what your future has in store for you! "


"Get a Free Copy of your Credit Report"


3. Emails full of bad language, colorful metaphors, or pornographic attachments:

(I won’t give you examples of these except to show one of their disclaimers)

"You must be 18 years of age or older to take advantage of this offer.

If you do not wish to receive any further e-mail's from us you can send a blank email to be removed from our list to"


4. Chain emails that promise great rewards, or threaten us into continuing the chain:

"An Irish Friendship Wish

You had better send this back!!! Good Luck!!! It really works!!!


Ok, this is what you have to do....
Send this to all of your friends! But - you HAVE to send this within 1 hour from when you open it!

Now…….Make your wish!!!

If you delete this after you read it ... you will have 1 year of bad luck! But... if you send it 2 of your friends you will automatically have 3 years of good luck!!!"



"Bill Gates offers you money to help him test his email sending program…this one tells you to send the email to all your friends – the more you send, the more you earn"


5. Emails offering to remove your email address from all nefarious email lists:

"Are you and your family constantly bothered by pornographic emails? For a limited time only, "Remove-a-List" will see to it that your email addresses are stricken from all such disreputable lists. Simply respond to this email by (date), and we will give you this free service as an introductory offer. Don’t wait – respond today."


6. Personal messages from a "familiar" first name. Usually contains an attachment, which may contain a virus:

"Hi! How are you?

Here is the file with the information that you asked for

See you later. Thanks, (Name)"


Somehow, you got on a list that linked with those who delight in sending such emails. The original source may have been the result of carelessness on the part of a reputable Internet business, the result of a well-meaning friend who believed the scam, or a purchased list.

There are no simple answers in how to remove your email address from such lists. One way NOT to spread your email address to yet more lists is simply: DO NOT RESPOND TO ANY UNSOLICITED EMAILS! If you do answer, even to tell them to remove you from their lists, you confirm that the address is functional, and it will then be sold to yet another list. Chances are that the return address processes your response, and then your response is returned to you marked "undeliverable". Simply delete the above emails, after blocking them through your email software. *

If you have one, two, or all of the letters, "s", "e", or "x" in your email address, a blanket sending by a spammer will find you (everyone is free to do searches on the internet).

Another option is to change your email address, leaving no forwarding address, and informing only those people you wish to correspond with. Ultimately, a blanket sending will probably find you again.

*An option for those of you who prefer to clean up your email yourself. This takes time, however after awhile, it becomes very effective: Utilize the blocking or filtering function of your email program, and each time a noxious email comes in, apply a filter or a block to that email address, or a few words of content, and automatically send it straight into the trash folder. Remember to empty your trash each time you exit the program. This also works with the emails that contain viruses (you may notice that some viruses come from the (non-existent) same email address).


Here are some for profit ANTI-SPAM SERVICES that you may choose to subscribe to.

(Note, this author does not endorse any of the following products, preferring to set filters instead)


McAfee’s Spam Killer

SpamKiller currently does not filter AOL, Hotmail or other Web-based email.


Anti-SPAM, Anti-Virus Email Service has created the ultimate Spam-Free Email, a service that stops all Viruses and the Emails you hate.

And, and

These are either subscription services or programs.






A writers website: Need a reference or a great quotation for your lecture? Biographies, definitions, with audio pronunciations, quotations, poems, and more. Named "Best Literary Resource for 2002." Sign up for free daily Email newsletter.



Famous quotes from many different resources, since 1994. Indexed by author, subject, quotes of the day, book reviews, and links to more quotations. Find out how you can include a motivational quote of the day on your web page.


Books on the Internet in public domain.

Public Bookshelf is a collection of books that have passed into the public domain. They are here for your enjoyment! You can download the books in their entirety or skim through the section titles. Non-fiction, including history and many other subjects.





The Chiropractic/Alternative Health Site - ChiroWeb News

Over 10,000 articles available by author, title or content. A content-rich web site, loaded with information about alternative healing.

Sign up for a free subscription to the DC-News (Dynamic Chiropractic) bi-weekly e-newsletter, which presents the latest news on alternative health and research studies (with sources). Or visit this site to see current news.

To sign up for a free subscription to their e-newsletter, "To Your Health", which offers information about supplements, nutrition, and (of course) Chiropractic.






For the year/decade you were born to see if it was unusual for that period of time.

Most popular names for babies (male and female) for 1880 – 2001. The data is a one percent sample of Social Security Number card applications received from various years and decades. The list has been edited and grouped together according to spelling variations of the same name.




In past issues, I have included websites dedicated to classic astrologers, including Mark Edmond Jones and Dane Rudhyar (see Spring 2002). Here is another one of the classics.


Charles E.O. Carter

A group of astrologers on the south coast of England have put together a website dedicated to the life and work of Charles E.O. Carter. It includes details of his family roots and photographs not only of Carter but also of his birthplace and other local connections.



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