By Roxana Muise
Copyright June 2013

The Grand Sextile

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Our world needs our help. On July 29 of 2013 there is a configuration in the sky that historically may enable us to join our energies for the betterment of our planet and ourselves. Astrologers in particular will be able to view the patterns in the heavens and define the possible energies available to humankind for resolutions to personal and societal problems. Metaphysicians will be called upon for spiritual leadership because they have already learned to look beyond the trappings of conventional belief systems and to seek viable solutions.

The Grand Sextile is the ultimate in symmetrical configurations. It is a multidimensional mandala composed of sextiles; trines; oppositions; midpoints; dual elements, and singular sign polarity. The GS is a rare configuration, as you might understand – it is quite a feat for our solar system to manage the orbits so that at least 6 of our planets find themselves exactly 60 apart around the wheel of our zodiac. Such a pattern will fill our heavens on July 29, 2013 at 2:30 PM EDT. I used Washington,DC as the location. Each reader can set the chart in their own location to use this energy for their own lives. The pattern is composed of: Moon 9:07 Taurus; Jupiter 7:30 Cancer; Venus 8:41 Virgo; Saturn 5:11 Scorpio; Pluto 9:37 Capricorn Rx; Neptune 4:42: Pisces Rx. (orb 4:55) At the top of this chart, Sun 6:47 Leo, although not an active part in the Grand Sextile, holds a place of authority as the midpoint of the configuration, and a possible point of focus that enables us to take action in solving our current problems. This chart will appear later in the article

The Grand Sextile is also a good teaching tool, as it contains nearly all of the components of basic astrology. There is no repeatable time frame available that enables us to find this design without a computer. It is best to keep the orb at 5 to 7, which narrows the possible number of Grand Sextile charts, although often there are other mitigating factors involved. There have been just a handful of Grand Sextiles within the past century, and not all are composed of 6 traditional planets. I list the previous Grand Sextiles for you, complete with their “non-planet” components.

                               March 10, 1925, 12:56 PM EST – Mars 21:27 Taurus; Pluto 11:27 Cancer; Moon 21:26 Virgo; Saturn 14:04 Scorpio Rx; Jupiter 17:12 Capricorn; Sun 19:39 Pisces. (orb 10:00) Neptune/N Node and Chiron are trine each other in fire signs are at the midpoint of this pattern. This is an earth and water chart, with all the points filled with traditional planets.

                                       July 27, 1937, 1:15 PM EST – two grand trines (water/earth) loosely interconnected by midpoints, Venus in Gemini and Mercury in Leo. (orb is 15 degrees) so it is not described here, however it is composed of traditional planets at all 6 points. See Orbs & Connections (below).

                             February 27, 1948, 6:23 PM EST – Venus 19:11 Aries; Uranus 22:06 Gemini Rx; Mars 23:57 Leo Rx; Moon 23:01 Libra; Jupiter 25:37 Sagittarius; Mercury 22:59 Aquarius. (orb 6:26). Chiron 24:39 Scorpio is at the midpoint of this chart. This is a fire and air configuration, with all the points filled with true planets.

                               December 28, 1971, noon EST – Mars 1:15 Aries; Saturn 0:36 Gemini Rx; S Node 5:31 Leo; Pluto 2:02 Libra; Neptune 3:59 Sagittarius; Venus 6:43 Aquarius/N Node 5:31 Aquarius. (orb 6:07) The Sun 6:18 Capricorn occupies the Midpoint of this GS. This is a fire and air configuration.

                                August 27, 1987, 5:15 AM EDT – Jupiter 29:38 Aries Rx; Chiron 27:45 Gemini; Mars 2:54 Virgo/Sun 3:34 Virgo/Venus 4:42 Virgo; Pluto 7:36 Scorpio; Neptune 5:20 Capricorn Rx; Juno 29:11 Aquarius Rx. (orb 9:51) This GS is listed even though it has a large orb and two “non-planet” components, because it had a total of 6 traditional planets involved in the GS. “Harmonic Convergence” is the name given to the world's first globally synchronized meditation, which occurred on August 16–17. This GS is a mixed element figure - fire and water components tend to accompany an outer projection of the potency of the spiritual flavor of the earth and water elemental components. Also, the Moon at 6:00 Libra was at the midpoint of the configuration. The Harmonic Convergence captured the attention of many people worldwide and addressed their need to unite.

                               July 21, 1995, 1:28 PM EDT – Moon 22:53 Taurus; Sun 28:25 Cancer; Chiron 23:37 Virgo; Pluto 27:54 Scorpio Rx; Neptune 24:02 Capricorn/Uranus 28:29 Capricorn both Rx; Saturn 24:33 Pisces Rx. (orb 5:52) This chart had an EXACT opposition between Sun and Uranus and Chiron and Moon were EXACTLY trine. This is an earth and water GS, and there is NO planet at the midpoint position, so an activating planet would have to be provided by the chart of a person or place.

                                November 8, 2003, 8:13 PM EST – Moon 16:12 Taurus; Saturn 13:03 Cancer Rx; Jupiter 14:20 Virgo; Sun 16:12 Scorpio; Chiron 14:06 Capricorn; Mars 10:34 Pisces. (orb 5:38) This earth/water GS took place at the time of the total Lunar Eclipse, and Neptune 10:28 Aquarius was at the midpoint of the configuration. Perhaps Neptune was symbolic of hidden or spiritual pursuits from its place at the foot of the T-Cross with the Lunar Eclipse. Again we have Chiron as the “non-planet.” This was the date of the “Harmonic Concordance.” Advertisements featuring the Harmonic Concordance were not as widespread as the Harmonic Convergence, perhaps due to the inner focus that accompanies the purity of the earth/water elemental components.

July 29, 2013 – (earth/water) M/P Sun in Leo – perhaps a natural progression from the previous Harmonic events, we could call this “The Harmonic Covenant”: Perhaps with the Sun in Leo, we can each make an inner covenant to manifest the energy of Peace.

Figures 1  Grand Sextiles in History

Figures 2 – Grand Sextiles in History

Even though it is rare, the Grand Sextile was well known to astrologers of old as the Seal of Solomon; to ancient Hebrew Prophets as the Star of David; and was used as a spiritual tool by ancient cosmologists, such as Plutarch, Plato, Da Vinci, Kepler, in the study of Sacred Geometry.

All in all, this example of Sacred Geometry is a most mystical figure when it appears in the heavens, even though this and all planetary aspects are actually two-dimensional [1] configurations, which means that distances and declination are not part of the traditional calculations. A configuration is a primary planetary pattern.

Rudhyar and Rael define it thus:

The three basic features of a primary planetary pattern are:

        combinations of two or more kinds of aspects that display a clear-cut kind of symmetry,

        the configuration of aspects should be closed and complete, spanning 360, and

        it should be a regular polygon capable of being inscribed in a circle. “[2]


Imagine that you are looking into a kaleidoscope. As an observer, you change your perspective by dimensionally changing the way you see the patterns within. Using the Earth as the center, at least 6 interactive patterns can be viewed within a Grand Sextile (GS).

1. Six (or more) points 60 (a sextile) apart from each other around a circle, forming a hexagonal pattern.

2. These six points are composed of two interlaced Grand Trines (each Grand Trine is made up of three planets 120 apart). The Grand Trines are separated  by sextiles.

3. Within the two Grand Trines, there appear three Oppositions (each pair at 180 separation).

4. A fourth view reveals three Mystic Rectangles (two planets trine each other paralleled by two other planets trine each other, joined by sextiles). The axes provide the six points of the GS.

5. Another view shows 6 Kites. Each Grand Trine expands on one side to join with the Midpoint of one of its sides.

6. Each point of the Grand Sextile (6 of them) becomes a Midpoint to two opposing trines and two sextiles.

All of these are symmetrical figures.

Figure 3 Grand Sextile – A Magical Configuration


Humans are basically symmetry-conscious creatures – pattern-seekers by nature – they pursue comfort, stability, and security). There are many types of symmetry, the most noticeable of which are reflection, repetition, and rotation. The GS contains all three of these forms of symmetry.

     Reflection             Repetition              Rotation

         (  X  )                      ><><><><><                          Cycle Diagram

        Midpoints                     cycles                         Zodiac

        Butterflies            Koch snowflake               propellers


The Grand Sextile (GS) is a magical configuration that offers us energy that is Creative; unfocused; radiant; magnetic; passive; potential; supportive; collective; balancing.

The GS alone is not enough. Even though it contains oppositions, it lacks the dynamic aspect family known as squares [3]. All by itself, its energy pattern is radiant, not dynamic. By itself, a GS offers too many choices – its inertia makes it go round and round without a specific goal to fulfill. We need the motivation to make it manifest, and the will power to reach out for success.


Planets at 60 separation in the zodiac form a sextile. Plenty of opportunities; very versatile; may lack focus and motivation.

    Sepharial[4]: calls the sextile “…a benefic aspect and a great solvent of all troubles.”

Water is a universal solvent, entering into more combinations than any known element, and the chief coagulate of Nature.

Water crystallizes at an angle of 60, It is represented by two interlaced triangles, each composed of two oxygen atoms and one atom of hydrogen – the formula for water. Water is indeed like a grand trine – a miracle ingredient for life as we know it.

The hexagram is repeated in planetary characteristics: one such design is found on the north pole of Saturn[5]. Saturn is also the 6th planet from the Sun, and Saturday (Saturn’s day) is the 6th day of the week.

     Thales of Miletus: c. 624 BC – c. 546 BC, one of the Seven Sages of Greece said that the world was made of water.

Scientists agree today that our earth is composed of 70 % water, as is the human body.


Grand Trines

Grand Sextiles are composed of two grand trines, connected by sextiles: either a combination of water and earth; or air and fire; or a mixture of adjacent signs (when the points are close to the beginning and/or the end of a sign). Since sign polarity skips a sign throughout the zodiac, a pure GS will be composed of either signs of all male (positive), or all female (negative) polarity.

   Sepharial describes the grand trine: “It produces the equilateral triangle in which all the sides and all the angles are equal, and represents a trinity in unity…the most perfect of all the aspects.”

The Grand Trine is the most stable of any configuration. Keywords: harmony; flow; creation; momentum; latent energy. The trine of the soul points downwards (the descent of spirit) and the trine of the body points towards heaven (the ascent of matter). The Opposition between them links the Grand Trines through congenial elements, and connects the Body with the Soul. Sometimes referred to as the Seal of Solomon, it is also called the Star of David, referring to David, Solomon’s father who was king of Israel in the 10th century. Solomon was known for being wise and wealthy, contributing to the generous nature of the interlaced Grand Trines. When the Sun is at the top or bottom of a Grand Sextile, it is a most potent configuration, reminiscent of the summer or winter solstices, dates when the Sun (aka Sol) seems to pause at the top and the bottom of the ecliptic – both powerful times of reflection and meditation.

 Spiritual Symbolism of the Grand Trine:                                                                           





The Mystic Rectangle is composed of one set of two elements: Fire/Air Earth/Water; and is made up of one polarity: or masculine strong, devoted, determined or stubborn – a or feminine. As such, the symbolism of the MR is very stable – survivor. A Mystic Rectangle (MR) is a symmetrical configuration called a parallelogram[6]. This is sometimes called an elongated square with a line of reflective symmetry (see above) bisecting one pair of opposite lines. All the angles within a Mystic Rectangle are 90, and are symmetrical within a circle. One might automatically assume that a 90-degree angle always constitutes a square; however the symmetrical configuration, Grand Square is defined as a rectangle in which all adjacent sides have equal length. Equal length to each side makes the symmetry take on four elements instead of two, is all one quality, and mixes the polarity. I.e.: Aries+ to CancerCapricorn–.The Mystic Rectangle is composed of – to Libra+ to two of the three opposition axes connected at their ends by sextiles. It is, in effect 2/3 of a Grand Sextile. Again, using a change of perspective, see the long ends of the oppositions connected vertically – they are 120 degrees apart. (I can see some of my readersyou with more mathematical terminology. I’ll just ’ eyes glazing over, and I promise not to overburden stick with astrological terms.) And so, the mystic rectangle is shaped like a door – two parallel trines on either side joined together at bottom and top by two sextiles. Such a door can be used to pass through into a different realm, generally where only the native can go, defined by the four boundary planets. Perhaps these three doors in the coming Grand Sextile of July 29, 2013 may be an instrument for ascension in this great time of the dimensional shift. Dag Hammarskjold’s chart contains a Mystic Rectangle.connected by Sextiles to Moon opposite Uranus. His Jupiter [7] His MR was Mercury opposite Saturn made a T-Cross with his Mercury/Saturn opposition. This connection gave him the motivation to seek achievement of his goal of uniting the world. His untimely death in a plane crash at age 56 kept him short of that goal. He served as UN Secretary-General 1953–1961.


A Grand Trine with one side elongated to create 2 sextiles. This adds the energy of a self-contained opposition. Balanced and stable – flows with community needs – may produce leadership qualities. In a GS, each side of each Grand Trine has a planet in sextile that is 180 from the opposite point in the Grand Trine. A Grand Sextile contains six of these Kites, all of which vie for attention. Can bring multi-tasking to an entirely new high – but can lead to chaos and confusion unless there is a way to organize them. One Kite in a natal chart can manifest as a leadership quality, usually focused on the top planet which acts as a powerful midpoint. Albert Schweitzer’s chart contains a Kite.[8] His kite is composed of Moon 15:37 Aries; Uranus 14:02 Leo Rx; Venus 13:48 Sagittarius; and Saturn 14:03 Aquarius. Uranus and Saturn form a T-Cross with Mars 13:35 Scorpio - 1952 Nobel Peace Prize winner and all around renaissance man. In his life, he answered many challenges, and brought numinous solutions to many problems.


Although Oppositions are considered aspects, and not configurations, there are three of them in each Grand Sextile. They are a semi-dynamic aspect, for the following reasons. The keywords for oppositions are cooperation, separation, resistance, complementary, release, relationships. However, they need motivation beyond their single polarity and dual elements. The opposition is an aspect that leads to choices/decisions. If the decision is arrived at consciously, then it is really a choice. This doesn’t always happen, as our choices are more often than not a result of unconscious programming through environment, religion, economics, biology, politics, authority and circumstances.  As Isaac Bashevis Singer, Jewish-American 1978 Nobel Prize in Literature said, “We have to believe in free will; we have no choice.”

Oppositions connect the GTs in a Grand Sextile. Tradition says that the GT pointing up represents the body and the GT pointing down symbolizes the soul or spirit. The Opposition between them links through congenial elements, and connects the Body with the Soul.


Each point of a GS functions as a midpoint for two pairs of planets, empowering, strengthening and synergizing the two Grand Trines involved in the GS, and adding power to the midpoint planet. If there is another planet at the midpoint of two sextile planets, it becomes a place of focus and power, as it is composed of a different element and a different polarity than those of the GS. It would also become a point of challenge (square/semi-square/sesqui-quadrate) to the six points of the GS. Midpoint keywords: blended meanings between component planets; energizers; integrators; symmetry; balance; synergetic force for triggering; powerful as zero point energy; tipping point energy.

If a planet outside of the GS provides a midpoint, as there are for five of the six previous Grand Sextile charts listed, it would provide focus for 3 pairs of planets belonging to the GS, and more importantly, would form a T-Cross with two of these GS planets, and a YOD with another two of the GS planets. Someone born with that chart would be able to utilize the energies of the GS in an active manner, as a midpoint provides a blending of all the components, and a point from which to focus the energy to accomplish their goals. Also, the midpoint planet forming the YOD would demand adjustments before a decision could be made. Lots of food for thought in anticipation of the coming Grand Sextile in July.

For a native who connects with the transiting GS, many doors could be opened and opportunities used to his or her advantage. It may be like stepping on a magic carpet that can open vistas that were there, but not seen before.


Grand Sextiles manifest according to their elements: either Earth & Water or Fire & Air. Complementary elements of a sextile combination equal a richness of synergetic energy. People who are born with this configuration gravitate towards activities that require cooperation, such as team sports or partnerships. Grand Sextiles composed of Earth & Water are more compatible with ingoing energies, whereas Fire & Air tend to manifest in a more outgoing manner.

Sextiles function through opportunities between 2 congenial elements

fire & air (passionate fire signs symbolize the energy of fitness, dynamism, intensity, and impersonal air signs express, communicate and distribute that energy. They manifest in outer realms.)


earth & water (Water signs symbolize emotional, intuitive and spiritual energy & earth signs use that energy in a practical manner. They function in inner realms.)


mixed (composed of points at the beginning and/or end of signs) They function as bridges, generally trying to find resolution through conflict. The components, 60 apart work together through complementary opportunities. The overall figure needs outside connections in order to manifest, and is more likely to gain visibility and followers in the world.


Each of the qualities, Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable are found twice in a pure Grand Sextile, as each Grand Trine is composed of one element and all three qualities. The quality of the sign containing the planet at midpoint often sets the tone for manifestation.


The polarity of pure grand sextiles is singular – either composed of planets in all masculine (assertive) signs: Fire and Air, or all feminine (receptive) signs: earth and water. In the zodiac there are six of each polarity. Keywords: frequency; resonance; forces of creation -- yin or yang, positive or negative. A Grand Sextile takes on the mantle of its components, and functions accordingly in our lives. My apologies to Siderealists – this article is written from the perspective and experience of Tropical astrology. The GS provides a mixed blessing to the individual who finds one in his/her chart. On one hand, this configuration provides significant potential on a creative level; on the other hand, it can impede the native’s ability to focus by providing too many choices. The masculine based GS tends towards extroversive energy, while the feminine based GS is more predisposed to introversion.  The masculine GS is more likely to manifest as an independent attitude, and if the native is well organized, he/she is likely to stand out in the community. They are natural supporters of demonstrations, rallies, campaigns, fund-raisers.  The feminine GS is liable to manifest in community type activities, and the native gravitates towards team spirit. They have abilities to organize and support group meditations, prayers, retreats, and healings. Both polarities have the potential for leadership through the energy of the Kite patterns. This of course depends upon other components in the chart and the direction of the native’s concentration of focus.


Six is a number that symbolizes questing; searching; choices, completions. Look for instance at dice, used in pairs (each die has 6 numbers), and the I Ching –.based on 64 hexagrams (combinations of six lines, either broken (changing, active) or unbroken (stable, passive)) all leading to informed choices, and whether the end product is fixed or open to change. The 6th hexagram is called Conflict, and its image shows how heaven and water go in opposite directions. Six was Plato’s idea of beauty, and is the number of points in snowflakes, of which no two are alike – unity in diversity! Six is the worker bee of the numbers – the cells of the beehive are hexagonal, for strength and efficiency – hexagrams tile together beautifully.

 The Bible speaks of the 6 days of creation – leading to completion of a process.


I have been using traditional planets (yes, including Pluto). Supportive points: Chiron, 4 major asteroids, Moon’s Nodes, midpoints. Chiron is a mystery figure, as astronomers haven’t officially decided how to classify it (planetoid, comet or asteroid). However, Chiron has been part of the GS configurations of 6 of the 8 charts listed in this article, and perhaps we can include the healer aspect of this mystery body to our meditations. The major asteroids have been active in our consciousness, and seem to share rulerships with traditional planets. The Moon’s Nodes often take on the nature of the planet that rules the sign they occupy, and if that (those) planet(s) are involved in the GS figure, and then the Nodes take on additional strength. Here is a case where dispositing (yes, there are some astrologers who still use this technique – present author included) adds credence to the strength pattern of the chart.

Possible future additions: Eclipses, Stations, Transneptunians; Planetary Nodes, angles. Not used: angles & house cusps. If, through omission I have left some important point out, please forgive me and let me know what your research uncovers.[9]


Mark Edmund Jones method of delineation takes into consideration the aggregation of the chart; one view of this component deals with the overall shape of the chart. This concept was developed by Robert Jansky in his book, “Planetary Patterns”[10]. The Grand Sextile would fall into the Splash pattern. The chart of Theodore Roosevelt[11] has such a pattern (a near GS pattern with an empty axis at 6+ Cancer/Capricorn). Roosevelt was able to focus on, and excel at many different issues at once. He was a genius at successfully handling situations in which multiple variables were involved. A native who excels at self-integration with this pattern might be called a “universal citizen.” An interesting aspect in Roosevelt’s chart is that his Saturn/Uranus midpoint is located at 7.0 Cancer/Capricorn. His chart pattern would be classified as a Mystic Rectangle if it weren’t for the many planets positions that create a “splash” pattern. Dispositing his chart reveals that all sign energies feed into the four planet ring which includes Pluto – planet of transformation.


How many degrees do you allow between the points of a Grand Sextile? I have tried to stay at 5 to 7, however as difficult as it is for the solar system to coordinate a GS, sometimes it takes another chart to fill in a missing point. Example, Don Galloway was born July 27, 1937 in Brooksville, KY (time unknown), with a GS that had a 15 degree orb. He was briefly in law enforcement, served two years in the army (Saturn trine Sun/Pluto in fire signs) before he found his path to acting (Moon opposed Neptune, which connected his two grand trines). He played a detective on the successful TV series, Ironside from 1967 to 1975, under the tutelage of Raymond Burr[12], whose planets, Jupiter and Saturn brought his GS to a tighter orb. Burr’s Mercury trined Galloway’s Jupiter and squared Galloway’s Mercury; Burr’s Jupiter squared Galloway’s Mercury and trined his Jupiter and Neptune, tightening the orb in Galloway’s earth Grand Trine. Burr’s Saturn opposed Galloway’s Jupiter, and trined his Moon and Mars, tightening the orb in Galloway’s water Grand Trine. Galloway’s Mercury in Leo was the midpoint of his earth/water GS, and was square the Mars in his water trine. Galloway was a motivated professional actor who worked steadily in supporting roles and taught acting for 30 years.

Birthdays of people born with Sextiles

March 10,1925 earth/water GS Neptune in Leo at midpoint

Sextile/trine Mars (fixed) and Pluto (cardinal)

Andrew (Andy) J. O'Donnell, NBA guard (Loyola College, Maryland)

July 27, 1937 earth/water Mercury at midpoint

Sextile Neptune/Pluto

Anna Dawson, British comedienne (Violet-Keeping Up Appearances)
Chuck Jackson, singer (Any Day Now, I Don't Want to Cry)
Don Galloway, actor (Arrest & Trial, Ironside)

February 27, 1948 fire/air GS Chiron in Scorpio at midpoint

Eddie Gray, rock guitarist (Tommy James & Shondells-Crystal Blue)

December 28, 1971 fire/air GS Sun in Capricorn at midpoint,

Squaring Mars opposite Pluto in cardinal signs (competition/cooperation)

Melvin Nieves, San Juan Puerto Rico, outfielder (Detroit Tigers)
Michael Watkins, NFL wide receiver (San Diego Chargers)
Steve Morrison, NFL linebacker (Indianapolis Colts)
Benny Agbayani, American baseball player

William Gates, American basketball player

August 27, 1987 mixed GS Moon in Libra at midpoint

sextile Mars/Pluto

Darren McFadden. American football running back. (Oakland Raiders)

Jonas Holos, Defensive Hockey player (NHL)

July 21, 1995 earth/water GS No midpoint planet

Too soon to locate famous birthdays

November 8, 2003 earth/water GS Neptune in Aquarius at midpoint

Too soon to locate famous birthdays


Everything in the universe is made of energy – from the frequency of light to the composition of atoms on the Periodic Table of Elements. Perhaps it’s just a matter of learning how to manipulate it? We manipulate the energy of our lives every day. We brush our teeth to keep them healthy; we drink water to lubricate our bodies; we watch or listen to the weather forecast to determine how we face each day. We care for our gardens appropriately to grow crops and flowers. We avoid beginning projects when Mercury is Rx. We can certainly look at the ephemeris for the coming Grand Sextile on July 29 at 2:30 PM EDT to find clues for how to use its energy to better our lives.

Figure 4 - 2013 Chart

The Sun is the midpoint of this figure. It forms a fixed T-Cross with the Moon and Saturn. This suggests maternal and paternal energies. The T-Cross offers you challenges associated with authority and nurturing. One way to deal with challenges is through patience. The Sun is in the sign (Leo) of the child. It may be up to you to be patient with others. No Rx in this T-Cross, so what you see is what you get. Investigate how to assume self-control in your relationships. All roles in a transit are interchangeable, so you might play the part of the parents or the child. Lessons are offered as opportunities to learn in a GS. The Sun heads up the Yod between  the Neptune and Pluto sextile (There were 36 exact Neptune/Pluto sextiles between 1950 and 1986); Yods were frequent during these 36 years, and people were offered opportunities to make adjustments and transformations in their lives dealing with addictions, sensitivities, soul/spiritual experiences, religion, fantasy, the arts, acute diseases, and powerful associations. Even though the sextiles are no longer exact, the residual energy lingers, and can be triggered by the Sun in its own sign. You may receive a long-awaited diagnosis that enables you to move to a healing path. The midpoint figure between Venus and Jupiter is a symbol for joy and love and good will and bountiful emotions. Whatever transpires on that day, you can create a fortunate environment to interact with your environment. This can be a time of healing at both ends of the spectrum: giving and receiving. With the Moon at the midpoint of Jupiter sextile Neptune in its own sign, there can be a conscious experience of the melding of your belief system and spiritual principles – make a journal for your dreams. With the Moon at the midpoint of Venus and Pluto you might give or receive a massage or a day at the spa. With Neptune at the midpoint of Moon and Pluto you could investigate paranormal experiences or psychic gifts. With Pluto at the Saturn and Neptune midpoint you may be caring for others and feel overburdened. Time is ripe to examine the good that you have done, and the results of your labors. Write a note to yourself of gratitude for being able to function in this way. With Saturn at the midpoint of Venus and Pluto, you may find a desire for sensual experience – take a friend to a romantic movie, or take that day at the spa. With Venus at the midpoint of Jupiter and Saturn, take time to make sure that your responsibilities are achieved – delegating where it is appropriate so that you are not overworked. With Jupiter at the midpoint of Moon and Venus, your acts of love and devotion may be reciprocated – paying it forward may come back to give you comfort.

There are aspects between the charts for the USA and the July 29 GS chart: The USA just had a Jupiter return, which can be a revival of the energy that was present during the founding of this nation. Jupiter sesqui-square the Moon of the Gemini rising chart may symbolize efforts by the people to control the debt. Aspects between the NY Stock Exchange[13] and the July 29 GS chart show the GS Moon conjoining and GS Saturn opposing the NYSE Venus/MC, perhaps involving opportunities between the people (Moon) and the government (Saturn) in our money supply. Aspects between President Obama and the July 29 GS chart show the GS Venus/Neptune opposition closely conjunct Obama’s Chiron/Pluto opposition, and the GS Saturn conjunct Obama’s Neptune. Clearly the President will be visible and involved in many of the aspects listed above for the GS chart. We hope that he will show spiritual leadership (Neptune) in our country, and will take steps to heal (Chiron) our current problems in the world (Pluto).

Figure 5 -  4 wheels: USA two charts, NYSE, and President Obama

Plug your planets into this chart and see where you can create a beautiful day and start a cycle of positive energy manifestation.


How to use the energy of a Grand Sextile?

The richness of this configuration may be too complex to deal with, in which case a native with this type of chart may simply move through life attempting to work with whatever transpires. This type of energy may be viewed as “the way life is” – not really seen as remarkable or unusual. Many noted people with grand sextile charts gravitate to supportive roles, which they fill with distinction, albeit not as stars. They are reliable people once they find their niche in life. Some people call them lucky, but it is more likely that they take advantage of the opportunities that surround them.

Here’s another idea. We associate an “exact” configuration chart with people born on adjacent days and see that they embody some/many characteristics of the configuration. How do we justify that practice? If we look at bodies the sky, we see specks of light. Science defines light as particle/wave. An aspect is an angular separation that seems to have energy peaks when exact – that is using the particle definition. We back off from the exact angle and see the cycle in which the points of light are involved, and after the peak of the exactitude, the points/planets move on in time and in space. They are seen on different levels as transits and progressions – this corresponds with the wave definition. Astrologers use the timing of when a planet moves from its original position to another peak position as an activation point in time. The internal energy of a native and his/her motivation to use those activation points can be used to fulfill their life goals. Since the Grand Sextile contains so many other energy configurations, those activation points can serve a multitude of purposes. Nothing is wasted in our efficient world; however, Acting on a good idea is better than just having a good idea.

I have this written on a plaque on my desk:

“God’s Universe is composed of intelligent energy patterns of probabilities,
held together through consciousness, awaiting our choices.
we manifest our realities through imagination, belief,

agreement, familiarity, repetition and focus.”

2012 Roxana Muise

[1] Horoscopes using only longitude are seen as flat, two-dimensional figures, without the use of declination or distance calculations. Longitudinal astrology reflects the sacred geometry of a two dimensional reality.

[2] Astrological Aspects by Dane Rudhyar and Leyla Rael, ASI Publishers Inc., NY 1980 Pages 169, 177-78

[3] This includes semi squares and sesqui quadrants

[4] Sepharial (born Walter Richard Gornold on 20 March 1864 at 02:00 am in Handsworth (West Midlands), England (Rodden) died on  12/23/1929. Member of the Theosophical movement and a co-worker of Alan Leo.


[6] Parallelogram is a figure with two sets of parallel lines.

[7] Dag Hammarskjold, born on July 29, 1905 11:59 AM CET in Jonkoping, Sweden 57N47  014E11, Bio & Rudhyar/Rael

[8] Albert Schweitzer, born on January 14, 1875 6:22 AM UT in Kayserberg, Alsace-Lorraine, Germany 48 N 09  007 E 16

[9] Roxana Muise:

[10] Published in 1973 by Astro-Analytics, Venice, CA (now out of print)

[11] Theodore Roosevelt, October 27, 1858 7:45 PM LMT, New York, NY AstroDatabank

[12] Raymond Burr, born on May 21, 1917 in New Westminster, BC – time unknown

[13] NY Stock Exchange, May 17, 1792 10:30 AM NY (public record - Buttonwood)